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In additional to the numerous presentations and publications of Coalition members, emergent findings of the Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research are being made public through a forthcoming book and the final reports of teams that have completed through projects.

Electronic Portfolios 2.0

Cover of Electronic Portfolios 2.0 Coalition leaders Darren Cambridge, Barbara Cambridge, and Kathleen Yancey have edited a book that presents findings from many of the campuses involved in the early cohorts of the Coalition, entitled Electronic Portfolios 2.0. The collection was publsihed by Stylus in 2009. It features sections on reflection in electronic portfolio practice; integrative learning; establishing identities through roles, competencies, values, & outcomes; and electronic portfolio technology and design for learning.


Final Reports

At the final meeting of each Cohort, each team gives a presentation of their findings and submits a final report detailing them.

Cohort I
  Alverno College
pdfReport Bowling Green State University

pdfReport Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
pdfReport LaGuardia Community College
pdfReport Northern Illinois University
  Portland State University
  Stanford University

pdf Report

University of Washington
pdfReport Virginia Tech University

Cohort II
  Clemson University
pdfReport Kapi’olani Community College

pdf Report
ppt Presentation

George Mason University
Thomas College
pdfReport The Ohio State University
pdfReport University of Georgia
University of Illinois
pdfReport University of Nebraska Omaha
pdfReport Washington State University
Cohort III
pdfReport Arizona State University
pdfReport California State Universities
pdfReport Florida State University
pdfReport Framingham State University
pdfReport George Mason University
pdfReport Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
pdfReport Penn State University
pdfReport University of San Diego
pdfReport Seton Hall University
pdfReport Sheffield Hallam University
pdfReport University of Waterloo
Cohort IV
pdfReport University of Bradford
pdfReport University of Cumbria
pdfReport London Metropolitan University
pdfReport University of Manchester Medical School
pdfReport University of Michigan
pdfReport Northumbira University
pdfReport University of Nottingham
pdfReport Queen Margaret University
pdfReport University of Wolverhampton
Cohort V
pdfReport Kapi'olani Community College
pdfReport University of Akron
pdfReport University of Cincinnati
pdfReport University of Denver
pdfReport University of Oregon
Virginia State University
pdfReport Virginia Tech University
Cohort VI
pdfReport Goshen College
pdfReport Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
pdfReport Lamar University
pdfReport Northeastern
pdfReport Portland State University
pdfReport University of Georgia
pdfReport University of Michigan
pdfReport University of Mississippi
pdfReport Virginia Military Institute
Cohort VII
pdfReport Clemson University
pdfReport Deakin University
pdfReport DePaul University
pdfReport Loyola University
pdfReport Santa Clara University
pdfReport University of Cincinnati




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