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The newsletter of the Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research, formerly National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research Update is now called Connections. The newsletter is edited by Stephen McElroy (). Please contact him with contributions and suggestions.

Issue Contents
PDFJuly 2008

bulletSpotlight Article: “Using Eportfolios for Job Searching
bullet“Developing Professional Reflective Practice”
bullet Member News: Presentations and Publications
bullet Member News: Announcements and Updates

PDFNovember 2007

bulletSpotlight Article: Writing ePortfolios with <emma> at the University of Georgia
bulletSpotlight Article: Can One-Size-Fit-All?
bulletMember News: Presentations and Publications
bulletMember News: Announcements and Updates

PDFMay 2007 bulletIntriguing Links: Electronic Portfolios, Reflection,
and Promising Research
bulletArticle - Cliches of Reflection
bulletReview - Defining Reflection
bulletPresentations and Publications
bulletAnnouncements and Updates
bulletStudent Voices
bulletUpcoming Convenings
PDFFebruary 2006 bulletCollaboration
bulletReflection: A Common Focus
bulletHelp Develop a Select eP Bibliography
bulletNCEPR Ad Hoc Work Group to Study Social Networking Software
bulletUpcoming Conferences and Meetings
bulletNCEPR Member Publications
bulletNCEPR Member Presentations
bulletNCEPR Member Future Presentations
bulletClemson Students Present Research
bulletInvitation to Publish
bulletRecommended Readings
bulletBook Review
bulletTool Review
bulletCoalition Member Spotlight
PDFNovember 2005 bulletNCEPR: Contining Progress
bulletNCEPR Meeting, February 2-4
bulletThird Cohort Focus
bulletePortfolio Websites and Organizations
bulletNCEPR Member Presentations
bulletePortfolio Article Reviews
bulletCoalition Member Spotlights
PDFFebruary 2005 bulletIn Context: The Power of One
bulletClearinghouse Update
bulletInternational News
bulletEyes on EPAC
bulletStudent Voices
bulletUpcoming Convenings







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