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This Bell Will Ring When We Learn Something NewCohort VI of the Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research will develop and field-test criteria for assessing a range of eportfolios, including those embracing rich media and social software, which enact reflection and integration. The members of Cohort VI are interested in using eportfolios with these characteristics in a systemic way for assessment and inquiring into their effectiveness.

The cohort will constitute from Fall 2010 through Spring 2113. After examining the range of eportfolio exhibits used at participating institutions, cohort participants will create a set of criteria responsive to such exhibits; in a second iteration, participants will apply a set of criteria to eportfolios from each campus in a field-test of the viability of both concepts and rating practices. This developmental work will prepare for subsequent activity aimed at comparisons across institutions.

Members of Cohort VI of the Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research are:

Bowling Green State University

Research Question: What factors influence student ownership or learning eportfolios including quantity and quality of reflection? We will also examine the impact of selected input and environmental variables.
Contact: Karen Hopkins Meyers,

Curtin University of Technology (Australia)

Research Question: How do discipline specific rubrics for generic capabilities assure attainment of learning outcomes in a comparable fashion across disciplines?
Contact: Beverly Oliver,

Goshen College

Research Question: Using EPortfolios, what generalizations can we make about student learning as a result of the "Study Service Term" experience?
Contact: Ross Peterson-Veatch,

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Research Question: What are the commonalities in reflective practices among IUPUI eportfolio projects?
Contact: Susan Scott,

Lamar University

Research Question: How have online ELL Masters Candidates' participation in a reflective eportfolio process contributed &/or added value to K-12 instruction?
Contact: Kay Abernathy,

Northeastern University

In our research project, we are studying how students’ understanding of purposes and audience shape their decisions regarding eportfolio design, arrangement, and delivery. We are using this research to develop instruction in design, arrangement, and delivery as well as an assessment process that incorporates them as criteria.
Research Question: How does students' understanding of audience(s) for their eportfolio influence decisions about design (visual, selection, arrangement, media)?
Contact: Laurie Poklop,

Portland State University

Research Question: How does the presence and depth/quality of relection on artifacts affect an external evaluator assessment of a student's ability/skill/capacity?
Contact: Rowanna Carpenter,

University of Georgia

Research Question: We are exploring how general ed. outcomes for written communication continue and change between FYC eports and Writing Certificate eports by examining material practices (medium and discipline), combing qualitative and quantitative data.
Contact: Christy Desmet,

University of Michigan

Our project links programmatic and research dimensions, putting eportfolios at the center. In order to study the varied, complex development of student writers across their undergraduate years we have established a Minor in Writing for students in multiple disciplines who will create and maintain eportfolios documenting their development and demonstrating their proficiency as writers. This will enable us to conduct a longitudinal study of selected students using several methods including rhetorical analysis and corpus linguistics.
Research Question: What can we learn via ePortfolios about the development of student writing by participants in a writing minor?
Contact: Naomi Silver,

University of Mississippi

Research Question: Does the use of the ePortfolio process in first-year composition classrooms create a favorable condition for the transfer of learning?
Contact: Robert Cummings,

Virginia Military Institute

Research Question: How can spaces for reflective learning be cultivated by process-centered pedagogy using the ePortfolio?
Contact: Mary Ann Dellinger,

Westminster College

Research Question: What is the optimal number of artifacts needed to document critical thinking in the LE context, and what role do media type and genre play?
Contact: Peter Ingle,





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